Holy table (jertvennik) 90x90x95 cm


External dimension of the throne (vestments): 90x90x95cm.
Metal: damask (stainless steel coated with titanium nitride)
With door and shelf inside.
Cover - Velvet (furniture fabric)

There are other measures of the altar

Durable and long lasting Vestments of the throne we manufacture using quality facing material made of polished stainless steel coated with titanium nitride (damask).

This coating provides a high moisture resistance and mechanical strength of the material and its characteristics close to cover with gold leaf, but more durable and much cheaper.

The warranty on these damask vestments to the throne - 30 years.

Thrones can be different sizes, color enamel and velvet - on request.

The kit to the metal damask vestments can be made to the throne and another temple furniture: altar, tetrapods, lectern, donation boxes and others.

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We are very concerned for the reputation of our customers and value our reputation. Before opening a complaint, send us a message. We always go to compromise, refunds, etc.

We give 100% guarantee that the product fully complies with the Orthodox canons. Products are manufactured monks who have blessed the Orthodox Pokrovsky Monastery. The city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

With love to all.

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Weight: 50.000 kg

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