Mother Of God "Assistant in Childbirth"


Size 10 x 12 cm or 4 x 4 3/4 inches.
This holy virgin was revered in ancient timesas the intercessor of all mankind before the eyes of the Lord Himself. A huge number of pilgrims and just believers sincerely assure that the prayer sent to her is able to inspire, calm and help to endure all adversity. For a woman who is physically and mentally preparing to give birth to a child, during childbirth the icon with the image of the Mother of God or Panagia is an integral Christian mascot.

The original image of this holy faceextremely interesting, especially from a historical point of view. The fact is that this icon was written by the creators under the influence of the Renaissance. Then the icon painters unwittingly began to deviate from the usual style of writing the faces of the saints. On the original icon that helps with childbirth, the Mother of God is depicted with an uncovered head, which makes her whole image simple and more human. It is possible that this nuance is not of much importance to many, but it is he who makes the icon available to trust and perception.

Among the diversity of the faces of the saints intemples and churches, to find the image of the icon of the Virgin "Assistant in childbirth" is quite simple. It is a canvas with a classic face of a holy woman put on it, whose hands cover the baby in Christ's womb in her womb. The original icon is in Kiev, but its numerous reproductions and variations are available to residents of any city.

Of course, no one obliges a person to knowthe prayer to the icon "Helper in childbirth" by heart. There is always the opportunity to turn to the holy words coming from the heart. But if a certain text exists, then it is worth spending time memorizing it, in order to get the maximum spiritual support in a difficult moment.

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